Paul Octavious Brings The Clouds Down To Earth In His Dream-like Photographs

<p>Craftily staged scenes and ambient lighting create a treat for the imagination.</p>

The magic of photography allows us to do amazing things, such as peek into psychedelic rainbow worlds and dance with ethereal sea creatures. Speaking of impossible situations, do you ever wonder what it would be like if you could reach up and play with those fluffy, white clouds that float above your head all day? Well, let your imagination fly sky high with photographer and storyteller Paul Octavious.

Based in Chicago, Octavious spends his time presenting the ordinary in extraordinary ways. For his series Puffin, his keen sense of alternate uses for common objects and his knack for great lighting drive the composition of dreamlike scenes. But, as any photographer knows, creating the ideal set-up is only half the battle. The itty-bitty bicyclists along with the petite planes and cloud puffs reflect the delicate process of capturing the perfect moment in one shot. Lucky for us, Octavious has honed his craft to deliver us these fanciful frames that foster curiosity and wonder.

[via Au secours j’ai un blog]