"Parasitic" Buildings Could Live Off Waste Of High-Rise Apartments

<p>These symbiotic apartments are an ambitious idea, but could mean “Zero Energy Living” for the inhabitants.</p>

As the populations of cities increase and more people migrate to them as opposed to living in the countryside, living spaces are going to get more and more squished. The vast sprawling metropolises of the world will evolve, but into what? Slums aren’t the solution and many cities already face housing shortages, so how will these issues be resolved?

One way this could be tackled is an idea thought up by Bangkok-based architects Achawin Laohavichairat, Montakan Manosong, and Peerapon Karunwiwat. Their idea is to relieve Bangkok’s congested urban population by building modular, symbiotic apartments that latch onto the sides of existing high-rises. These parasitic homes would then support themselves by using the high-rise’s waste to generate their own energy.

Waste products such as water could be purified and used to produce energy, producing self-sufficient houses and a “Zero Energy Living” culture. It’s probably unlikely these will become a reality but it’s an interesting way of looking at how a building’s waste could be recycled.

Images: Achawin Laohavichairat

[via Inhabitat]