Parangonets: Interactive Wearable Sculptures

<p>Inspired by Hélio Oiticica, these sculptures fuse dance, fashion, and technology.</p>

Parangonet 1.0: Sonic dimension is an installation by Ricardo Nascimento and Jader Scalzaretto (previously exhibited at Mostra Sesc de Artes 2010 in São Paulo) that fuses fashion, technology, and music. Inspired by the “Parangolé” works of Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica, the parangolés act as high-tech wearable sculptures that create a sound atmosphere through movement and interaction in space utilizing songs from the Brazilian Tropicalismo movement.

The first outfit, “be legendary,” is a cape-like mosaic of various cultural textile patterns that measures the movements of the wearer using an accelerometer. This data is sent to a computer and triggers musical loops. The other dress, “lebenserfahrung” (life experience), is a much more flamboyant costume constructed from pink vinyl. Its futuristic look is emphasized with mirrors that reflect the surrounding environment, as well as a microphone embedded in a jewel that captures 15 second sound fragments, heard through the installation’s speakers.

According to the artists, the Parangonet 1.0: Sound Dimension is part of a series of parangolés that are particularly sensitive to technology. Once they detect one other they form a “parangonet,” that creates a collaborative network of audio-visual movement. The parangonet provides enhanced spatial, temporal, and noise perceptions, and by wearing the capes, participants create a new space conceived from one’s own movements and gestures.