Palm Top Theater Makes Glasses-Free 3D For Your iPhone

<p>With a little attachment, you can immerse yourself into animated worlds right on your phone.</p>

Let’s hope all those horrible glitter fonts in the video above didn’t make you barf!

Before the revival of 3D goes away, it has to evolve a little. In this day and age of dead rappers returning as holograms and real-life holodecks, there’s no reason why people should experience 3D with goofy looking goggles strapped to their faces. For that matter, why should we all have to gather in a theater to witness film in 3D?

Dutch collective V2 is addressing these issues with the newest version of their Palm Top Theater. A previous version from a couple years ago was only the first step. Next month, V2 will launch an updated version of Palm Top Theater that looks way cooler than the original. But before it takes the world by storm, this device needs content, and V2 is making an open call to anyone that wants to create little 3D world.

So if you’ve got a knack for creating multilayered films, give V2 a shout. If this technology catches on, you could end up being one of its star content-makers.

[via V2 Labs]