Painting Dynamic Pictures With Time-lapse Footage Of The Stars

<p>Photographer Alex Rivest repurposes film from the International Space Station.</p>

Time may not be an object, but for photographer Alex Rivest, it’s most certainly a subject. For his series of time-lapse pieces, Rivest took footage of the stars from the International Space Station and made some adjustments in Lightroom, Adobe’s photo post-production software, yielding grandiose views of the cosmos from various places on earth.

Over the last few months, Rivest’s work has taken the perspectives of locations all over the mainland US, Iceland, Ecuador, New Zealand, Ghana, and several others. The accompanying soundtracks he selected for each stationery adventure are contemplative, mellow-fellow jams from the likes of Moby and London PM, giving subtle aural background to the positively trippy nature of each piece.