Opposites Attract for Mira Calix

<p>The composer talks, Africa, England, and high temperatures.</p>

We talked to creator Mira Calix in the wee hours of the morning about “My Secret Heart,” her installation at our NY launch event and how the quiet, nuanced nature of it contrasts with the thumping baseline DJ set she played using local music from Yorkshire. Calix said that what she particularly liked about the event was the way people were really taking the time to stay to see the full duration of the installations, including hers, which included an original music composition.

When we saw it, there were couples and other small groups of people lying on the gallery floor, looking up at her illuminated sound and light art as if they were watching the stars. About as opposite to the fast-paced dance crowd enjoying her DJ set as you can get. Calix said the appeal of opposites started for her growing up in Africa, when she couldn’t get too much of any one thing, and so had to appreciate anything that was good, oblivious to category or subculture. Watch the video above to find out what else she told us, and please pardon the party sounds, we were at a party after all.