Online Chatbot Collaborates On A Screenplay

<p>Watch burgeoning screenwriter Cleverbot&#8217;s <i>Do You Love Me</i>.</p>

Cleverbot is a web-based bot that chats with people about any subject they wish to talk about. It is the algorithmic brainchild of scientist Rollo Carpenter and has been on the web for 16 years, during which it’s racked up over 60 million conversations. That’s a lot of chatting. It’s considered to be quite advanced AI and learns from the conversations it has so it can use the responses from humans in future exchanges.

Filmmaker Chris Wilson decided to test the bot’s creative skills by collaborating with it on a script, which he then made into the film Do You Love Me. It’s an experiment that’s resulted in the above short, which is a love story between a man called Stomach and a woman called Prometheus who are hounded by an enemy called Robert.

It’s funny, nonsensical, and definitely entertaining, with some references thrown in to Chuck Norris and Harry Potter. Maybe Cleverbot should talk to Hollywood?

[via The High Definite]