On A Walkabout: NY Installation Preview

<p>A closer look at the large-scale interactive artworks on site at our <span class="caps">DUMBO</span> event this weekend.</p>

Urbanus Female by U-Ram Choe

Our exciting DUMBO event is almost here. If you’ve been counting down the days as eagerly as we have, you already know all about the musical performances we have lined up and when to catch them. Earlier in the week we teased you about the artwork we have in store, from Quayola’s Strata #4 to Jonathan Glazer and J. Spaceman with Undisclosable and One of Us’ physical manifestation of “Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space” and UVA’s Origin. We’ve been working hard with our network of artists to bring you these installations from around the globe, and so we’ve compiled a list (by venue) so you can make sure to catch everything. All the installations will be open all day Saturday and Sunday, except for UVA’s Origin, which will be open through October 23rd. Check the NY event page for the latest updates, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. RSVP for Sunday right here.


by United Visual Artists, with score by composer Scanner

Origin is UVA’s latest work in a year-long project from The Studio, which began with the re-design of Coachella’s main stage. There, UVA presented a moving mass of light, metal and sound before transforming the same sculpture into two more forms. Now, they present a 30-foot audiovisual cubic lattice–the largest interactive work they’ve ever created. The work will be on view until October 23. Photo by James Medcraft.


Life On Mars Revisited
by David Bowie, Mick Rock and Barney Clay

Film director Barney Clay teams up with iconic rock photographer Mick Rock to uncover and remix classic footage of David Bowie performing "Life on Mars." Making its Stateside debut, this Studio-produced immersive installation will envelop you in Bowie's visual world, showing you "Life on Mars" as you've never seen it before.


A Physical Manifestation of Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space
by Jonathan Glazer and J. Spaceman, with Undisclosable and One of Us

Director Jonathan Glazer reworks and dissects Spiritualized's famous track as a light installation within a cathedral-like setting. The piece features architectural design from Undisclosable, with technical and creative realization by One Of Us. Photo by Ben Crook.


Strata #4
by Quayola

Quayola's Strata series studies the visual language of classical paintings and architecture, using custom software to analyze and deconstruct the improbable tensions and collisions existing between the old and new. In the multi-channel immersive video installation Strata #4, he takes inspiration from works of Flemish masters like Rubens and Van Dyck, creating an unlikely harmonious dialogue between classic and digital aesthetics.

by Minha Yang

Previously exhibited at our Seoul event, multimedia artist Minha Yang's Meditation creates a unique environment for reflection and contemplation. Three red, reactive projections pull audiences in as the installation's ripples react to passersby. The entrancing visuals and soothing sound help quiet the mind and redirect our attention inward towards a meditative state.

by Animal Collective and Black Dice

Brooklyn noise rock outfit Black Dice and experimental rockers Animal Collective have always brought their music to life through strong visuals. So, for their set at Coachella this year, Animal Collective invited Black Dice to create a mind-bending live-mixed video experience. Presented here as an excerpt with a new score by Animal Collective.

Freefall Highscore
by Antagonistic Applications

Freefall Highscore came out of our Art Hack Weekend at Eyebeam. It is a mobile app that encourages users to take risks with their phones by competing to achieve the longest duration of free fall. It records video while the phone is falling and uses the accelerometer to determine duration, posting the world's leading drops to an accompanying website.


by Cantoni + Crescenti

Soil is a multi-paneled seesaw from Brazilian Creators Cantoni + Crescenti. The piece is a reactive, aluminum floor installation composed of 50 planes that undulate as you walk across, throwing your world off-kilter. The duo custom design every component of their interactive projects—from nuts to bolts—creating pieces that are stunning to both see and physically experience.


Urbanus Female
by U-Ram Choe

Urbanus Female is a towering work from South Korea's U-Ram Choe. As the feminine counterpart to its male companion, Female is a flower-shaped sculpture conceived from thousands of stainless steel, aluminum, and acrylic "bones," paired with CPUs and motors that power her movements and react to passers-by. Looking at once mechanical yet organic, Urbanus Female expands and contracts its petals like an alien Venus Flytrap.


Six-Fourty by Four-Eighty
by Zigelbaum + Coelho

What if pixels could break free from the confines of the screen and into our physical environment? That's the idea behind Six-Forty by Four-Eighty, an interactive lighting installation composed of magnetic, physical pixels. The pixels change color in response to touch and communicate with each other using the body as a conduit for digital information.

by SOFTlab

R&Dazzle, our latest Studio work, is an asymmetrical, graphically camouflaged structure that hides within it an inverted kaleidoscope of color and fractured light. Using simple materials like wood and paper in their constructions, SOFTlab are pioneering a new design practice that is perfectly in step with the future.

Super Pong
by SuperUber

SuperUber is a creative technology lab famous in Brazil for crafting a variety of interactive installations. We'll be exhibiting Super Pong, a digital mash-up of foosball and the classic video game Pong, open to anyone who wants to stop and enjoy a game.

by Team DisKinect

DisKinect explores the disconnect that exists between virtual and physical reality. Using a hacked Kinect controller, users control a four-foot puppet suspended in mid-air. The puppet mirrors the user's movements in an imperfect symbolic gesture that references the way our digital representations take on lives of their own. Diskinect is the second work from our Art Hack Weekend at Eyebeam.

Tag your posts and photos with #creators throughout the weekend to share your experience with us. See you in DUMBO!