Old Computer Parts Are Transformed Into Stunning Cityscapes And Skylines

<p>Now this is what you call a tech city.</p>

Cast your mind back, at least a couple of years or so, before portable computing was all the rage, back before tablets and fancy handheld devices took over our lives. Remember when the humble desktop computer was king? With its cumbersome-yet-quaint towers groaning and straining to contain all the tech goodness. Yeah, those were the days. Sorta.

While we certainly don’t miss the days of dial-up or big bulky computers encroaching on our living space, one of the great things about having a great big tower like that was being able to see all the nuts and bolts out on display like that. When confronted with the working parts of this tech beast, it makes you wonder what’s going on inside. It’s certainly something that can set fire to the childish imagination inside us all. Could an entire micro-city be in there? Is a fleet of tiny robots toiling away day and night to keep your computer ticking?

Ok, so obviously that’s a preposterous and fanciful idea. But that doesn’t mean Italian artist Franco Recchia can’t have a little fun with the concept and turn these discarded old materials into sculptures of skylines and towering metropolises. His retro-futuristic cities look like a cross between Metropolis and the work of Italian architect Antonio Sant’Elia.

[via Architizer]