ODDSAC DVD Out Now + Two New Animal Collective Songs

<p>The brain-blasting art film is finally available for home viewing.</p>

We’ve been screening Danny Perez and Animal Collective’s assault on the senses at our events for a few months now, but we couldn’t be more delighted that those of you who don’t live in New York, London, São Paulo, Seoul, or Beijing can be barraged by hyper-intense sound and imagery in the comfort of your own homes. ODDSAC is freed from the gallery scene and out on DVD at last.

About the collagistic collaboration, Perez told us:

“Working with Animal Collective, we are all huge movie lovers; and we wanted something that we would be psyched to watch all the way through the same way we'd watch late night horror movies in hotel rooms. But then you have to consider the context of when it was made, how it looks, and also what is the greater experience. Horror movies can totally be traumatizing when you're younger. There is something to be said for that. Above narrative and above the literal arc, the movie is an experience. It's subjective, like music. In that regard it lends itself well to multiple viewings. I'm able to see stuff in ODDSAC that is totally new to me, and I edited it for 4 years.”

We’re looking forward to the insight that comes from repeated viewings too. Order your copy from Plexifilm today. Here’s two new AC songs from the soundtrack to boot.

ACSAC by user482219

ACSAC by user482219

via Pitchfork