Oculus Rift Project Lets You Play Game Boy In Virtual Reality

The Oculus Rift Game Boy emulator is so meta the creators nick named it "Gameception."

In one of the more meta virtual reality experiments we've seen in a minute, developer crew Takohi has built an Oculus Rift Game Boy emulator using Unity, the engine used to design many video games. In their words, "Imagine a Grand Theft Auto where the player can go to the game center in order to play a Game Boy game on a video arcade machine. The player would play a game inside a game (gameception)." Gameception, indeed. 

In the video documentation above, we watch one of the creators play Tetris in a 3D environment. UnityGB is light, so most Game Boy ROMs can be tested out in this project (except for Pokemon Yellow for some reason, as the voices won't work properly). Takohi said there are many avenues that could be explored in a video game emulator environment, such as incorporating a Leap Motion controller. 

Now imagine playing a virtual reality game where you get so frustrated at a boss where you need to take a break to play Tetris... in the game. If that's not a gaming overload then we don't know what is. 

Try the demo here.


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