Occupy This SEATed Space: Hundreds Of Chairs Comprise A Sculptural Vortex

<p>E/B Office makes an over-sized ode to the chair.</p>

New York-based design duo E/B Office (Yong Ju Lee and Brian Bush) tinkers with the cultural implications of the chair. Whether it be a stool at the bar, a swivel seat at your desk, or a bench at the park, chairs are mostly used to sit on, and only to sit on (unless of course you’re trying to change a light bulb or something). Observing how chairs are stripped of any other useful potential, E/B Office follows up with an ingenious demonstration of the chair’s capacity as a structural unit.

SEAT realizes an exceptionally intelligent and beautiful structural space comprised of approximately 400 wooden IKEA Ivar chairs. Arranged to resemble a sine wave that gradually gathers and builds into a vortex crashing into the ground, the impossible form is achieved by attaching the chairs to each other with hidden bolts, clamps, and screws.

What makes SEAT particularly unique is its duality of experience—there are two ways of occupying its environment. Maintained by a method of rotational grouping, SEAT can be just as public as it is private. The chairs around the periphery are faced outward, allowing viewers to sit and observe the city and passersby. The chairs around the base of the vortex are turned inward where viewers can share a tighter, more intimate moment with each other and the structure itself. The bridge of suspended chairs between each “zone” investigates a multitude of meanings for the chair as a structural ornament.

Massive and neatly contemplative, SEAT has been selected as a public art installation by Flux Project at Freedom Park in Atlanta. Help out E/B Office with their production here on Kickstarter. There's only a few days left, so get to it!

Rhino screenshot

Final model image

Chair attachment types for final model