Abandoned Oil Silo Becomes Wind-Controlled Light Installation

<p><i>Silo 468</i> by Lighting Design Collective has over a 1000 programmable LEDs controlled by the weather.</p>

Kevin Holmes

Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 Kruunuvuori Light Art piece from Lighting Design Collective on Vimeo.

An abandoned oil silo is not the first place you’d think of if you wanted to go check out some art, not unless you were by the sea in the Kruunuvuorenranta District of Helsinki. Because that’s where the Finnish city thought it would be ideal to put a light art piece by the Lighting Design Collective, who created permanent light installation Silo 468 inside the 35m diameter and 16m tall space.

In the daytime the sun gets to play its part and fill the space through a series of holes created on the structure, casting moving shadows as the day wears on. Then when the sun goes down 1,280 white LEDs, controlled by custom software, glimmer across the surface to imitate swarms of birds—they’re also affected by wind speed and direction, which control the movements of the light patterns, changing them in real-time.

[via Inhabitat]