Nostalgia—Well, There's An App For That Too

<p>A new iPhone app called Throwback steals your photos after you capture them, and returns them when you least expect it.</p>

Everyone loves the feeling of happening upon a long forgotten photo, but this experience has unfortunately become increasingly rare. Those awesome pangs of nostalgia are hard to come by with the uber-accessibility of our photos online. But a genius new iPhone app has found a way to recapture that feeling. Throwback, developed by Pang Labs, allows you to capture images with your iPhone. But instead of storing them on your device, or uploading them to a digital album where everyone including you can access them whenever, the pictures disappear only to reappear at a later date.The app actually returns your images to you anywhere from one week to five years down the line. You can either choose exactly when the image is returned, broaden the scope to a date range, or select “surprise” and there’s no telling when the photo will appear.

Sorry bro, not in this economy.

The possibilities are endless for the emotions the app can induce. Imagine cringing as an image of you and your ex pops up three years after you’ve broken up. A booze-soaked night from five weeks ago appears and suddenly illuminates your brown out, helping you to recall how that traffic cone ended up in your living room. And yes maybe it was just you who ate that entire gallon of Superman ice cream. Perhaps your favorite yin-yang-printed shortalls will appear not so cool in four years and two months.

So choose your own adventure, snap a pic, and send that boomerang of an image off into oblivion with Throwback. Just hopefully the photo isn’t too embarrassing.

Images via Throwback and ubergizmo.com