Drift Away On Digital Waves With Nicolas Sassoon's New GIFs

The media artist creates two new projects exclusively for The Creators Project.

Nicolas Sassoon’s art embraces the core aesthetics of vintage computer graphics but is anything but retro. His work simultaneously represents and deconstructs the possible future of art in our digital world. Working with animated GIFs, Sassoon creates a digital  expression of the traditional disciplines of painting and sculpture. His vibrant and hypnotic creations are unique in the world of new media art of which he is one of the trailblazers.

We are very lucky that Sassoon agreed to produce two new series of work to be premiered exclusively on the Creators Project. The titles of each piece acts as a link to the full size version on the work. Sassoon has written brief introductions for both of the series.

The Lost Hours
Nicolas Sassoon:
"The title 'Lost Hours' is a reference to the hours spent looking at a water surface, when one would space out looking at a moving texture, at the horizon, at the reflection from a body of water. It's also referencing the hours spent behind a computer screen, to suggest a link between both experiences. The numbers in the titles correspond to specific hours, each animation is an interpretation of the light and color reflection at this specific hour."






"I have been wanting to bring some of my patterns more towards a 'painterly' direction. Both aesthetically and in terms of what they evoke, and that series is kind of a first try at that. Some paintings by El Greco were in my mind, like View Of Toledo, or The Vision of Saint John Mostly it was about the brushstrokes and the overall dark atmosphere of some of his paintings."

Pilgrims Green

Pilgrims Blue

Pilgrims Red