New Music Video Takes Place In Photoshop

<p>The Limousines music video for &#8220;Very Busy People&#8221; is another music video that takes place in your browser windows.</p>

We’ve seen some amazing browser-based music videos over the past year, with some of our favorites including Arcade Fire’s “Wilderness Downtown” and Sour’s “Mirror”. Now comes one from San Francisco-based electropop band The Limousines for their track, “Very Bad People.” While this video isn’t interactive like the other two, which incorporate users’ webcams and other personal data like Twitter and Facebook profiles to create a personalized music experience, we thought it was noteworthy for its self-referential look at its own creation.

Taking place primarily between several Photoshop windows, the video shows the real-time manipulation of images and graphics used to create the visual effects that ultimately make up the video. It’s as if someone recorded the screen capture of a graphic artist at work on the visuals, edited in some live video footage of the band singing, and set the whole thing to music. While we do kind of miss the “wow” factor of the interactivity, the video is still fun and the song is catchy, and we are kind of suckers for seeing the creative process behind a work of art coming together in this way.