New Music Releases From Chinese Creators New Pants And Carsick Cars

<p>Channeling the sound texture of the past while celebrating the future.</p>

There’s no shortage of 80s and 90s nostalgia these days, from fashion to film to music, it seems part of us will forever be yearning for those simpler, pre-internet days of Sony Walkmans and acid washed jeans. When it comes to music though, this sentimentality most notably extends to the music player. While vinyl has endured thanks to its popularity with DJs and music connoisseurs, music nerds have started turning to other once-beloved analog gadgets that have virtually disappeared over the last decade, like the cassette tape.

Chinese indie rockers Carsick Cars are the latest in a string of musicians revisiting the old cassette tape form, having just released their latest song "She Will Wait" b/w "Could You Be There" as tapes in collaboration with the Chinese music platform Pangbianr.

You can listen to the music below, but you’re better off digging out your old Walkman and buying the cassette. Besides the improved audio quality, you just can’t beat the physical quality of cassettes—watching the gears turning the tape spool, stopping to change sides to hear the rest of the tracks, and of course, the packaging and album art.

Meanwhile, Chinese punk outfit New Pants are celebrating 15 years in the biz by gearing up for their latest concert tour “This Era Is Ours” (named after one of their early hits) this November.

Their single “Sex Drugs Internet” off the album of the same name (their seventh to date) describes the emptiness China’s youth feel towards their modern life, and the music video below was shot at the 798 Art District during this year’s Beijing event.