New iPhone App Lets You Spin Records Like Mark Ronson

<p>Make tracks in transit.</p>

After designing sneakers for Gucci, creator Mark Ronson has now helped them with their first iPhone app. As well as being a source of information about the brand, it features something called Gucci Beats which allows you to create your own music using loops, beats, vocals, and drums provided by none other than world class producer, DJ, and musician Mr Ronson. In a few quick steps, you can get creative, make a song, remix it using the app’s virtual turntable, then upload it to Facebook to share with your friends. If you’re reading this on your iPhone you can download the app here.

To watch Ronson create a pop song in real time, check out our post from our NY event where he did just that and look out for the track from that session on our site soon. Just for fun, and because he is inexplicably speaking with a German accent throughout, we’re also including a recent video Ronson made of a studio session above.