New GIF Competition Offers Winners A Physical Version Of Their GIF

The Giphoscope Awards will allot winners one of the most unique trophies we've come across.

Today, Officina K are offering GIF-makers a rare opportunity: make a GIF so good, and you'll be able to hold it IRL. Well, sort of. The Giphoscope Award is a new competition that will turn the best 24-frame animation into a one-of-a-kind trophy that displays the winning entry on an analog GIF player, aka The Giphoscope. 

This past fall, The Creators Project wrote about Officina K's physical GIF machineInspired by Herman Casler's Mutoscope (and not too far off from the Edison/Dickson's Kinetoscope), the fun device projects a sequence of images on a wheel with a hand-crank that rotates the images like a flipbook. This competition makes the device less of a novelty and more of a way to promote the idea that GIF-making is an artform and craft worth evaluating. 

Artists have until May 31st to submit their work, with full contest details available here. The winners will be selected by a jury made up of GIF-sperts Prosthetic KnowledgeYOU DOT GIF and OKKULT Motion Pictures, and get announced on June 15th. 

This is way better than sharing your GIFs on Tumblr, right? 

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