New Cinema: Works In Progress Exhibition & Artist Talks [NYC Event]

<p>Last month, The Creators Project, Eyebeam, and Framestore organized a hackathon that explored the future of cinematic storytelling. Now they present the fruits of that labor.</p>

Last December, we embarked on a creative exploration of the future of cinema. The Creators Project teamed up with Eyebeam and Framestore to bring together artists, filmmakers, creative coders, game designers and animators to explore the new creative possibilities for cinematic storytelling unlocked by emerging technology. Called New Cinema, the event brought together five teams to collaborate on projects together—first remotely and then during a 3-day intensive hackathon that took place at the end of December at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center.

Each of the works-in-progress that came out of this process is using new tools and techniques to experiment with various concepts from the changing landscape of cinematic experience, drawing heavily from interactivity, theater, immersive installations, and game design. The project was initiated based on early discussions between Eyebeam’s Director of Technology and Framestore’s representatives on their joint interest in forming a collaborative event for creating new aesthetic and technological solutions and workflows related to new storytelling methods.

Four of the works-in-progress that were developed at the New Cinema hackathon will be on view at Eyebeam, January 29th-February 2nd. The exhibition will be accompanied by a public presentation and discussion with the team members on Thursday, January 31st.

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