New Anthology Explores Modern Artwork Made On Typewriters

Barrie Tullett's new book, "Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology" reveals the illustrative beauty of art made with typewriters.

Images courtesy of Laurence King & Amazon

Though the characters, and the wonder they inspire, might be one in the same, not all text art is created equal. Since the earliest monks were encoding parables into hand-drawn paragraphs, and Gutenberg was gearing up the first printing press, humanity has maintained a profound artistic connection not only to the texts that behold history, but to individual letter-forms themselves. Fast forward a few centuries, and with the inception of the mechanical typewriter, in all its modern iterations, text art began.

Creator and collector of all things text-based, graphic designer extraordinaire Barrie Tullet has released Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology, a collection of the best and boldest in modern art, made with typewriters. 

3D TypefacesCryptographyASCII, and you shall receive:

Says Tullett, "The definition of typewriter art can really only ever be a personal one. For some artists, it is an object to draw—from the machine itself, to the ephemera associated with it (typewriter oils, ribbon cases and so on)—or... a tool to draw with; a means of making art."

Below, enjoy more selected snippets from Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology:

Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology is published by Laurence King, and now available in paperback from Amazon.

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