Neon Indian's "Mind Drips" Uses New Video Synthesizer Technology

<p>Because audio synthesizers are <i>so</i> passé.</p>

Neon Indian released a new video for their single "Mind, Drips" with amazing visuals provided by the LZX Visionary, a video oscillator by Lars Larsen.

Larsen's work focuses on synergistic relationships between technology and subject, and the resurrection of forgotten pre-Computer Age technologies. Over the past few years, he and partner Edward Leckie of Sydney, Australia have been developing an analogue video synthesizer called the LZX Visionary in the tradition of esoteric video art tools used in the 1970's. The LZX Visionary manipulates and creates images in the same way a normal synthesizer does for sounds. Mind Drips is the first music video to utilize this unique synthesizer, and all of its visual effects are recorded in real-time using techniques such as abstract pattern synthesis, video feedback, and analog compositing.

The Austin-based group show how the system works:

[Via Motherboard.tv]