N.A.S.A., Tom Waits, and Kool Keith Take Us Back

<p>Time traveling with deep-voiced MCs.</p>

“Spacious Thoughts,” the title of the N.A.S.A. track featuring Kool Keith and Tom Waits, brings to mind free asscociation and stream of conciousness, which wouldn’t be so awesome if it wasn’t such heavyweight lyricists who were seemingly riffing and improv-ing off each other to create this kooky, memorable mind-funk.

The whole song has an early nineties feel we really dig, especially with the animated character filling in for for Cool Keith looking like some kind of raver Pac-Man and the monster that personifies Waits’ gravelly baritone appearing more like the villain from Fern Gully than anything else. Honestly, it’d be worth watching this video just to hear the way Waits says, “Ghetto Buddha.” Yeah, that’s right, he’s saying Buddha. What did you think he was saying? We’re linking to the lyrics, just cause they’re so out there.