N1ON's New Short True Skin Offers A Not-So-Optimistic Look Into The Technological Future

<p>The anticipated new sci-fi short from writer and director Stephan Zlotescu presents a startlingly realistic portrayal of what the future of technological advancement may look like.</p>

Earlier this year, we featured the teaser to a new sci-fi short True Skin that left us with expectations of an epic and somewhat troubling future. Today N1ON Productions premiered the full-length short (above), written and directed by Stephan Zlotescu, and it definitely speaks to the dystopian quality that we predicted. It’s terrifying.

The opening shot alone portrays a futuristic, yet all too familiar world, in which semi-robotic consumers dilly-dally amidst their poverty-stricken human counterparts. The narrator’s descriptions of this futuristic society do little to defuse the air of familiarity—those with access to the latest technologies flock to stores in order to relieve the troubles of their mortality, while those who can’t afford robotic appendages are left wandering the streets, trapped within the limits of their “organic” bodies. These less fortunate citizens, or “them,” as they are referred to in the film, are impoverished by the mere fact that they must remain human. After all, as the narrator says, “no one wants to get sick, and old, and die.”

Zlotescu’s intentions are hard to pinpoint, as the N1ON website offers little information about the film. But, as is the case with most creative works, intention hardly matters. What matters is that the film, in a blatant way, distills a certain amount of truth into its six minutes of doom and gloom. And for creators, where there is truth, there is typically an opportunity for exploration. When that exploration yields something terrifying, it seems best to pay attention.