N1ON Predicts The Ways Digital Skins Will Envelop Our World

<p>An experimental short film called <i>True Skin</i> envisions glowing limbs, animated magazine covers, and digital hookah.</p>

Sure, projection mapping on your face is one thing, but as options like tattooed notification systems actually become possible, how much is too much? How far would you go down the cyborgian rabbit hole of modifying your body with technology?

One example of how “digital skins” will become integrated into our word is in N1ON’s upcoming film True Skin.
Set in Bangkok, the teaser suggests the blasé integration of futuristic technologies like revolving 3D news stations for the home (pretty likely), robotic bugs (could they be worse than bed bugs?), GIF magazine covers (yes, PLEASE), glowing eyeballs and cyborg hands (perhaps aiding the blind or serving as prosthetics), and a digital hookah. Interestingly enough, lo-fi cigarettes are still smoked—maybe e-cigarettes are worse for you than we think.

Whatever happens, it’s sure to be epic. Look for True Skin out later this summer.

[via Beyond the Beyond]