Muti Randolph's Rubik's Cube

<p>Go inside the designer&#8217;s new installation and feel what it&#8217;s like to live in a computer.</p>

With only five short days left until our all-out music and art launch extravaganza, we’re starting to get really excited about the multitude of amazing work by our creators that will be crammed in one place for the night. Our hearts and brains can hardly hold so much energy. One piece we’re all aflutter over is Muti’s Randolph’s new art installation, Deep Screen. The interactive installation, which you’ll be able to walk through, is a giant cube made up of 6144 spheres of light that react to your every move with bursts of sound and color, occasionally bombarding you with both when you least expect it. Sounds like our idea of true love. Randolph designed to it to allow participants to feel as if they were allowed to enter their computer monitor, Mike Teavee style. See you at the show.