Music Video Turns Your Tweet Into A Playable Video Game

<p>Play Japanese band Androp&#8217;s interactive music video for their song &#8220;Bell&#8221;.</p>

There was a time when having a few fancy claymation effects and stop-motion animation in a music video was enough to wow audiences and win awards. And while this still impresses when done well, the music video as a concept has evolved quite a bit since those simpler times, becoming increasingly interactive and experimental (see the collaborations of Creators Aaron Koblin and Chris Milk). So now we have crowdsourced videos like the Johnny Cash Project or the Vaccines’ Instagrammed video for "Wetsuit", as well as in-browser gaming experiences like those from SOUR.

The latter is what Japanese band Androp have done for their song “Bell”, creating an interactive game that uses a tweet as a starting point. You type in an 80 character message that gets transformed into a rabbit, then control this little avatar using the arrows keys and space bar. Your goal is to deliver your message safely, avoiding such obstacles as spiders made from letters and other typographical enemies—all rendered in wonderful hand-drawn type animations. Go waste some of the working day here.

[via Kill Screen]