Music Video As Connect The Dot Puzzle In Foals' "My Number"

<p>The video by directing duo Us features a world rendered in a join the dot aesthetic.</p>

Remember those join the dot puzzles you used to do as a kid? Or maybe you still indulge in them every once and awhile. In any case, the new Foals video features the band as join the dot entities, along with all their instruments in a track called, fittingly, “My Number”. As the band play on the dots begin to join up and we begin to see the outline of the band and their instruments in triangulated form.

It’s not enough that just the band are in this join the dot aesthetic, because soon the camera pans to reveal a whole street has been overcome with this new visual trend. But the directors, Us, are not content with just the band and a street looking like a half rendered computer graphic—before you know it the entire planet has become immersed in this stripped back style. It’s a simple idea from the directing duo and it’s executed to perfection.

[via Vimeo Staff Picks]