Murcof And AntiVJ Weave Blue Spider Webs Of Audiovisual Magic

<p>And perform at the opening of China’s first museum dedicated to digital arts.</p>

Beijing's last multimedia event of the year, AV@AR, took place on December 17th at the newly opened China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts. The exhibition unfolded with a panoramic audiovisual performance by Mexican electronic musician Murcof and French visual collective AntiVJ, who started collaborating in 2007.

There is a limitlessness to Murcof's music that absorbs the listener, touching on themes of life, death and eternity. These preoccupations found a visual analogue, courtesy of AntiVJ’s Simon Geilfus’ real-time panoramic projections. He used vast and semi-transparent screens, allowing for a fully immersive environment in which microscopic particles, geometric grids and organic elements were mapped in a wondrous 3D vision.

Watch their live performance below: