Multifunctional Sweatshirt Lets You Connect To The Internet And Play Video Games

<p>A prototype project called Woven, from Christiaan Ribbens and Patrick Kersten, explores the possibilities of wearable tech.</p>

Woven - E-wearable (Game) Platform from Christiaan Ribbens on Vimeo.

Portable gaming takes a turn for the wearable with the project Woven from Christiaan Ribbens and Patrick Kersten, which is an “e-wearable (game) platform”.

The word “game” is in brackets because it’s not just a game platform, but is a multifunctional, wearable, motion-controlling device which can be used to interact with your phone, connect to the internet, used as a game controller, a TV remote, and to play video games in public, if you don’t mind the strange looks.

Yeah, they might look a bit daft flaying their arms about and you’d have to be down with the fashion statement of looking like you’d just chowed down on some LEDs for lunch. But the prototype shows the possibilities of what wearable tech can do, even if the design isn’t perfect yet.

[via PSFK]