Moritz Waldemeyer Creates Ambient LED Candles

<p>The great effect of candlelight, without all those dangerous naked flames.</p>

Candlelight always makes things look romantic and mysterious—that twinkling, mellow, golden illumination could make even an Ikea store on an industrial estate look like a magical kingdom of wonder. Stanley Kubrick used them to great effect to shoot certain scenes in Barry Lyndon and they can transform a dip in the bath into an epic wallow that can leave you looking like a prune. But, careful you don’t set your hair alight! And there’s the rub, the naked flame.

So wouldn’t it be great if you could get that candlelit look without having to light 50 candles, that are not only a fire hazard, but make everything smell waxy? Moritz Waldemeyer has done away with the need for a flame but kept the good parts of this ambient light source with his LED candles.

Creating a virtual version of a candle while keeping all the attractive qualities of the flame was integral to the design, Waldemeyer tells Design Boom that he “programmed the behavior of the ‘flame’ based on video footage of actual candles, converting the moving imagery to pixel data and working with a software engineer to code each individual LED to reflect the movement of the flame.”

His LED candle chandelier is currently on view at Milan Design Week.

[via Design Boom]

Images: © designboom