Moonbot Studios Seek Funds On Kickstarter For New Video Game Project

<p><i>The Golem</i> will be an <span class="caps">RPG</span> for PC and Mac set in Prague.</p>

Such is the lure of Kickstarter that even an Oscar-winning multimedia design studio, that counts an ex-Pixar designer as its number, has turned to it to fund their latest project. Moonbot Studios rose to fame with their animation The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, that was also a celebrated app and book too. It combined different animation styles with an old school Hollywood aesthetic to win hearts and awards.

They followed this up with The Numberlys, another well received app animation, and are looking to raise $750,000 for their latest project which will start out life as a video game, an “action RPG” for Mac, PC, and Linux. Called The Golem it’s set in 16th century Prague and will focus on the legendary tale from Jewish folklore where Rabbi Loew created a living being from clay. It’s a tale that went on to inspire many modern icons like Frankenstein’s monster, the Terminator, and Superman.

Moonbot want the Kickstarter funds to begin work on the video game, which could then find its way onto other formats: “games, films, apps and books” they say. Kickstarter has become a fond, and established, way for well known and liked companies and developers to get money for projects they can work on without losing creative freedom. Most of those, like Double Fine Adventure, have exceeded their target and sometimes broke the million dollar mark. No doubt this will be similarly successful.

[via Nerdcore]