Monstrous Yet Adorable Robot Monsters In Cyriak's New Video For Flying Lotus' "Putty Boy Strut"

<p>And to celebrate it, you can play around with some crazy robot models he&#8217;s created.</p>

Above is the new video for Flying Lotus’ “Putty Boy Strut,” off the forthcoming album Until The Quiet Comes. In the past, plenty of FlyLo songs have been paired up with cute yet distrubing animations, like Lilfuchs video for “Zodiac Shit” and Brainfeeder’s own Beeple’s horrific CG for “Kill Your Coworkers.” So it makes a lot of sense that this new one is by Cyriak, a guy who infinitely mutates sheep, and turns ladies on black and white film into fractal mouth monsters. For this one, Cyriak created a world where bots eat bots and get bigger and bigger, not unlike Katamari Damacy, but a lot more terrifying.

We first caught wind of this collaboration brewing when we saw these characters in the little time-waster called Putty, a browser-based game—in the loosest sense of the word—where you get to bash about different bots on the screen. Just keep clicking and more and more robots come and fill up the screen and dance to FlyLo’s beats.

Check out the game right here.

I cunningly deduced all this from the facts embedded within the below tweet.

The only appropriate response to hearing the news of such a collaboration is the following:

Indeed. We’ll also have an interview with Flying Lotus coming veeery, veeery soon, so stay tuned.