Monkeying Around: Primates Playing Synthesizers

<p>If infinite monkeys can write Shakespeare, can a baboon do Daft Punk?</p>

Most of us have heard of the infinite monkey theorem—you know the one about the monkeys, typewriters, and Shakespeare—but how about making music instead of writing drama? In a project called Monkeys + Synthesizers, from Sweden’s VOLT festival, different types of monkeys and primates are given different synthesizers and then allowed to get to work on making themselves the SoundCloud stars of tomorrow.

Can they make EDM as good as we can? Do they even have the inclination to want to push some knobs and buttons while their buddies throw their hands in the air before passing out after too much fermented fruit?

In the video above the lion tamarin take on a TR-909, pygmy marmosets twiddle the bleeptronic 5000, the two-toed sloth jams (or not) on the Yamaha SHS-10, ring-tailed lemurs bring the cage down with the Yamaha DX7, meerkats get to grips with the Mirage EPS16, and the hamadryas baboons tear it up on the Casio CT-360.

[via Prosthetic Knowlegde]