Moneypenny Chats with Us about Their Upcoming Set

<p>The pretty Chicago power duo hits New York.</p>

Moneypenny is made of Chicago DJs A-Cup and Mother Hubbard. Both were huge solo acts in Chicago, and now they’ve teamed up and started making original records in addition to hosting parties and spinning up-tempo DJ sets. Their name comes from Jane Moneypenny, also known as Miss Moneypenny, Bond’s boss M’s secretary who is the only woman from the Bond filmed considered to be a Bond girl who never actually had a relationship with James, there was just always a lot of tension. They are the only people we’ve ever heard say that New York is slower than another US city. In this case, they were talking out NY’s house music, as compared to Chicago’s, but even so. We chatted with them in the VIP Penthouse at our NY launch event about their upcoming DJ set.

Here’s a link if you want to see them in action.