Moment Factory Is Making The Atlantic City Boardwalk Glam Again

<p>The Montréal-based multimedia studio will unveil their new permanent installation on Atlantic City&#8217;s iconic Boardwalk Hall July 4th.</p>

Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall from Moment Factory on Vimeo.

Though they’re used to developing visuals for indie legends like Arcade Fire or hotshot pop superstars like Madonna and Usher, Montréal-based multimedia studio Moment Factory‘s latest project—designing a permanent projection mapping installation for Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall—might be their most challenging project to date. Why? Because this time they’re designing for a much wider audience, and developing a work that will need to stay relevant and exciting for more than just a concert tour or Superbowl Sunday.

The project’s Multimedia Director Nelson de Robles says, “We want to be appealing to everybody, to give a story that’s open enough to give a thousand interpretations. When it’s an artist like Madonna, she wants a very specific reaction from the public. It’s a different public also. So, sometimes it’s controversy, sometimes its sex appeal, sometimes it’s very specific. Here, it’s pure emotion.”

The 35-member team, including Producer Genevieve Forest, developed the eight-and-a-half minute performance over a period of three months in conjunction with the Atlantic City Alliance, whose intention, according to a press release, is to “revitalize and rebuild Atlantic City’s reputation.” This installation is part of a five-year program centered around bringing in interactive art displays to give the area a facelift, and make Atlantic City a happening place year round. Moment Factory’s transformation of the historic Boardwalk Hall, which will debut next Wednesday July 4th, is the first of these large-scale interactive art displays. After its debut, the show will run after dark twice an hour, year-round.

The show, which you can preview in the video above, is divided into five acts and celebrates the duality between the right and left brain, the land and ocean, old and new. Moment Factory composer Vincent Letellier developed an original score that incorporates orchestral, indie, and electronic music, with a hint of tame dubstep. Combined with the multi-colored visuals and a well-crafted mix of 3D mapping and motion graphics, this project looks to be a futuristic carnival for the senses… minus the cotton candy.

Preview some screenshots of the performance below, and if you don’t have 4th of July plans already… it might be time to make it over to Atlantic City.