Mold-A-Rama Made Of LEGO Churns Out Minifig Clowns

<p>The eternal quest to recreate our world in <span class="caps">LEGO</span> continues.</p>

Mold-A-Rama‘s are old school vending machines from from back in the day that could mold you a souvenir toy, which you could take home and wow your peers with. Let’s call them the 3D printers of their day, even though they weren’t. Anyway, while Mold-A-Ramas were no doubt pretty fly back then, they’re well out of their depth now, apart from being a nostalgic curiosity. Unless, of course, someone makes one from LEGO—then we’ll be all over it.

And so it goes, V&A Steamworks has created a LEGO Mold-A-Rama, which does exactly what a Mold-A-Rama does (well, apart from mold), but is made entirely of LEGO. This one churns out LEGO minifigure clowns like they’re going out of style.

Somewhere across the multiverse, there’s an entire alternate universe made of LEGO and they’re creating machines out of metals and wood and stuff and are equally wowed at that, as we are at recreating things from LEGO. True story.

[via Nerdcore]