Modern Silhouettes: 3D Printed Wedges From Hoon Chung

<p>3D printing is blazing a new path for fashion and giving us a new pair of kicks to stroll through it.</p>

Even the skeptics can’t deny that 3D printed designs are popping up everywhere—from the runway to the novelty shops. Sure, maybe it hasn’t quite made its way to the suburbs yet, but we’re still thinking 2012 could be the year 3D printing goes mainstream, so you might as well strut some 3D printed soles and celebrate.

Footwear seems to be all the rage in the world of 3D printing, perhaps because getting that perfectly fitted pair of kicks is the difference between blistered, angry soles and happy feet. Swedish designer Naim Josefi‘s “Melonia” takes a digital scan of the customer’s feet to print custom-tailored couture shoes. And Brazilian designer Andreia Chaves’ “Invisible Shoe” encases your foot in a sleek, futuristic geometric wedge.

Most recently, we’ve come upon a stunning and more practical ready-to-wear collection of 3D printed designs. From London College of Fashion, Hoon Chung delights us with neutral color-blocked silhouettes of very modern and chic high-tech fashion footwear.