MNDR Explains the "Bang Bang Bang" Lyrics

<p>That Alouette hook was just stuck in her head.</p>

M.I.A. is a hard act to follow, but Mark Ronson and MNDR kept the crowd dancing long after our surprise guest left the stage at our NYC launch event this Saturday. MNDR, a.k.a. Amanda Warner (the name comes from selective initials from her name: aMaNDa warneR) is already a force on the indie electronic scene, known for her creative hooks, dancy beats, and wild lights. Add that to Mark Ronson’s pop genius and you have a virtual musical tornado gathering speed.

MNDR stopped to talk to us after the set together that ended the night in high style. We asked her about the lyrics to her recent hit with Ronson, “Bang Bang Bang,” half of which are in French. Turns out he gave the French Canadian songstress the music and she riffed off the ditty that she just couldn’t stop singing that day in the studio. Apparently, the song about a little bird that some of us learned on the piano as kids is actually about Ponzi schemes.

Check out our previous post to watch the video and get the English translation of the lyrics.