Mix And Blend Your Favorite Soundcloud Jams Using Soundcloud DJ

<p>A simple website that opens up all of Soundcloud as your crate.</p>

There was a time when every DJ scrambled to get their hands on the newest singles from hot artists, and this process involved listening to the radio, going down to an actual record store, and if if that didn’t work out, trying to hustle other DJs out of an extra copy or two. Today, there are a whole lot more songs coming out, be they planned singles or just little studio nuggets that musicians decide to throw up on their Soundcloud pages for their fans to enjoy. You don’t have to wait to hear this stuff, but unless you can download it, using it in a DJ set was not a simple task. That is, until someone figured that there should be a way to mix all these Soundcloud gems.

Soundcloud DJ from OKFocus is a simple, in-browser interface that allows you to blend any two Soundcloud tracks, select cue points, trigger from those points, and crossfade… and that’s about it. Simplicity is the name of the game here, and Soundcloud DJ keeps it far more basic than something like Musikame. While that previous mixing option offered a looper, an effects pad, and the all-essential pitch control, Soundcloud DJ simplifies the craft of DJing to its heyday caricature: basically, you’re playing the radio.

Despite the shortcoming, it provides a great search interface, representing all the tracks you find as round vinyl labels, and it works remarkably smoothly. The two channel setup with a crossfader is also a lot easier to grasp than Musikame’s one-at-a-time workflow. Throw a couple of tracks in and give it a whirl.