Mirrored Footage Makes Antarctica Twice as Beautiful

The glory of the wintry continent becomes a thing for reflection in filmmaker Alex Cornell's new short film.

Antarctica's wintry landscapes stun two-fold in the mirrored images of filmmaker Alex Cornell's short film, Upon ReflectionIt all began when Cornell travelled to Earth’s southernmost continent to photograph a flipped iceberg: an extremely rare and uniquely beautiful sight. The filmmaker didn’t stop there in his search to provide a new perspective of Earth’s tailpiece, either. His film mimics his unique photograph in its reflections of the snowcapped vistas and chilly skies which mesmerize the viewer through subtle and polished photography—the result is just disorienting enough to suck the viewer into a bit of, dare we say, reflection. 

Watch penguins frolic through twin mountaintops in Upon Reflection below:

See more of Alex Cornell’s work on his Vimeo.


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