Minecraft IRL: Cool Concept Drawings For A Pixelated Bridge

<p><i>Pixelated Mountain</i> could bring the digital aesthetic to the canals of Amsterdam.</p>

Looking like something you might find in the Minecraft universe, this pixelated bridge called Pixelated Mountain is a design concept from Diego Stefani, Gabriele Rovati, and Gianpiero Venturini and aims to join the Hermitage museum to a residential district on one of Amsterdam’s many canals. The surface is composed of 2m x 2m x 0.3m thick blocks of different shades of green comprising two split levels.

In addition to looking cool and getting people from one side of the canal to the other, the bridge will also hold a cafe, a bike repair area, and an information center. The design was submitted as part of the Iconic Pedestrian Bridge international competition. Sadly, it didn’t win but let’s hope it gets commissioned for somewhere anyway.

[via Design Boom]