Yeehaw, Miley Cyrus Is Riding to the VMAs on a Giant Kitten!

Artist duo Reed + Rader bring the pop princess to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards in style.

Pop star, self-proclaimed feminist, and #FreeTheNipple icon Miley Cyrus is making her way to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, and thankfully, she's brought backup. Reed + Rader, the duo reinventing fashion films with 3D scanning, the Unreal game engine, and so, so much more, are outfitting her with giant cats, space suits, and strategically-placed dolphins for a video campaign and series of billboards in anticipation of this year's VMAs.

Since announcing she was hosting the VMAs with a sign reading, “MTV WON’T LET ME PERFORM” on one side and “SO I’M HOSTING THIS YEAR’S VMA’S,” on the other, Cyrus has yet to show signs of slowing down. Reed + Rader's resulting work is the top-notch amalgam of internet-inspired information overload that we've come to cherish from the creators of Dubstep Dinosaurs and the amazing Pizza Machine. Enjoy their work with Cyrus in the videos and Instagrams below.

See more of Reed + Rader's work on their website. The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards air on August 30, 2015.


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