Mies van der Rohe's Iconic Farnsworth House Gets the Projection Mapping Treatment

Chicago-based art and design collaborative, Luftwerk, employed projection mapping to create this immersive ode to iconic architecture.

"In a sense there are two Farnsworth Houses," Steve Dietz, artistic director of Northern.Lights.mn states of the iconic Mies van der Rohe structure outside of Chicago. "There is the one that most people get to experience during the day, and there is Farnsworth at night." The glass house, which seems to float above a plot of land by the Fox River, took on new life over the course of four nights this past October.

Employing precise projection mapping, Chicago-based art and design collaborative, Luftwerk, created an immersive ode to the Farnsworth House nearly 70 years after its original commissioning. Known as Luftwerk INsite, the looping installation used light to emphpasize "the hover quality of the structure, highlighting the horizontal steel beams supporting the house but virtually eliminating through absence of illumination any connection to the ground."

In the video below watch morphing projections transform the Farnsworth House into a spectacle that looks like it's floating in thin air:

Luftwerk INsite from Luftwerk on Vimeo.

Luftwerk INsite at night. Photo by Mel and Phil Theobald, courtesy the artists. 

The projection-mapped interior of Luftwerk INsite. Photo by Kate Joyce, courtesy the artists. 

Outside the preview of Luftwerk INsite. Photo by Kate Joyce, courtesy the artists. 

Check out Luftwerk INsite above and in Chicago through and head over to Luftwerk's website to learn more. 


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