Michael Jantzen Deconstructs Buildings Into Fantastical Fragmentary Forms

<p>Churches and houses become reinvented into vertigo-inducing nonsense-buildings.</p>

Looking at these churches and houses you’d be forgiven for thinking they’d survived an earthquake, but they haven’t. Instead, they’ve survived artist Michael Jantzen’s digital tinkerings. Well, nearly survived. In a series of photo collages, Deconstructing The Houses and Deconstructing The Churches, the artist “visually deconstruct[s] parts of the real world that we normally think of as stable.”

So houses and churches become fragmented, looking like they’re on the verge of imploding or like they’ve been subjected to a cubist makeover. These normally solid structures become fantastical glitches. The images are created by Jantzen rotating sections of the photo and then building a new hybrid image from this. “This new hybrid image then begins to suggest the possibility of an alternative universe of subsets, capable of endless potential”, says Jantzen.

Deconstructing The Churches

Deconstructing The Houses

[via It’s Nice That]