These Dark, Fuzzy GIFs Creatures Are All Smiles

Animator and illustrator Ori Toor improvises his gyrating and beaming GIFs on the spot.

Nov 5 2016, 11:45am

Groggy Froggy #art #animation #oritoor

A video posted by Ori Toor (@oritoor) on

A hazy layer of feedback fuzz masks each of the faces of slithering yet adorable GIF creatures in the work of Ori Toor. The animation artist creates simple yet charming looped sequences, frequently off-the-cuff and doodled from his momentary thoughts. His tiny alien avatars are simple and rotund, merging one tubular body part into the next. Recently, his works have involved a grainy layer of fog, which transforms his animation work into playbacks of outdated recordings.

With nearly 800 posts on Instagram, it’s clear the Israeli artist thrives on digital creation whenever the mood strikes him. On his website and Facebook biographies, he shares, “I do illustration, animation and general doodlings in order to keep sane,” and “I can only create something from complete nothing (or music playing in my headphones) so I almost never use references.”

Dive into a few of Ori Toor’s fuzzy, darkly-veiled GIFs below:


A video posted by Ori Toor (@oritoor) on


A video posted by Ori Toor (@oritoor) on


Lick kick #art #animation #oritoor

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Night Light #loop #art #oritoor

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A video posted by Ori Toor (@oritoor) on

Below, check out a recent, slightly longer animation by Toor, inspired by the Netflix cult hit, Stranger Things:

Stranger from ori toor on Vimeo

Explore more of the playful doodles and animations of Ori Toor on his Instagram, here.


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