WifiTagger Lets You Tag Wi-fi Hotspots With Hilarious Witticisms

<p>Leave your mark in the digital public domain with this wi-fi hack from F.A.T. Lab.</p>

Oct 29 2012, 3:22pm

WifiTagger from Addie Wagenknecht on Vimeo.

When you move into a new flat and you’re setting up your broadband, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your wi-fi network a hilarious name that will have the neighbors thinking what an absolute wit you are. But, as can happen, if your humor failed you on that particular occasion don’t fret, F.A.T. Lab have got your back with their WifiTagger, the brainchild of artist Addie Wagenknecht.

Using firmware the WifiTagger lets you tag public networks when you do a local wi-fi search, letting you clutter up virtual space with whatever witticism, insult, or political slogan comes to mind. Just like if you were in a toilet cubicle and you just so happened to have a marker pen—but if that’s getting too analogue for you, you can try this.

Here’s how Wagenknecht describes the project:

WifiTagger is a device to tag wifi networks. It can broadcast up to four lines of 32 characters. Upon selecting a tag as your network, you can tag the wifi spectrum via the WifiTaggers open UI. Tags will be viewable within the list of wifi networks. It allows anyone with a wifi enabled device the ability to tag digital space. WifiTagger lets you tag the last great frontier, ours.

[via Nerdcore]