Augmented Reality Clothing Has Arrived With The Apparel Project

<p>Designers Normals have created a prototype jacket that exists both physically and digitally.</p>

Kevin Holmes

A P P A R E L from Normal Normals on Vimeo.

With the forthcoming Google glasses, there’s been plenty of speculation about our augmented reality future. If, eventually, everyone’s going to be wearing AR glasses (or contact lens), then we could see fashion change too. It won’t just be about what you’re wearing physically but also what people can see through the looking glass of the AR hardware.

One company that’s looking at the possibilities of AR fashion is Normals with their Apparel project, which Creative Applications recently reported on. Normals describe the project as like a wearable avatar that exists “both physically and digitally” and it’s reminiscent of designer Jenny Lee’s concept for augmented reality makeup.

Apparel takes the form of a cloak-type jacket with a triangulated look. When viewed through a computer’s camera, it has an augmented overlay where certain parameters can be changed to affect the patterns and style of the coat, allowing users to “digitally dress up.” The prototype, part of an ongoing project, uses personal data as an input too, so the design of the coat “evolves in real-time together with its user.”

[via Creative Applications]