Mesmerizing Infographics Capture The Essence Of Humanity's Biggest Existential Questions

<p>Information video designer Marco Bagni abstracts the meaning of life in a trilogy of short videos.</p>

Look around you. How many interactions in your direct line of sight are happening on screens? How many people are directly interacting face-to-face? How many digital outlets of media or communication are within your physical reach at this very moment? Whatever your estimate, multiply it by the number of days, months, and years since the start of the information age, and you’ll get a startling number. From the most primitive of human interactions such as a personal, physical conversation to huge societal issues such as deciding who will become the next commander-in-chief of the free world, digital information has become a larger and more determining force in the direction of our cultural and societal functions. Considering effect of the information we are bombarded with opens a new door in mankind’s eternal and never-ending search for meaning.

Italian-born web-designer, new media artist, and video designer, Marco Bagni’s project Getting Lost makes commentary on eternal and essentially human questions like “Why are we here?” and “What are time and space?” The way humanity has answered these questions has driven us to make the technological innovations that mark our current time.

Constructed as a three-part project consisting of Getting Lost, Chasing Space, and Time Illusion, Bagni’s entrancing videos do not show actual data, but rather place them in a category shared by Chad Hagen’s nonsensical infographics. Sound for the videos was provided by SARC:O. The project is fascinating, not for the statistical content or numerical validity, but for his use of the of infographics as a way to express a message: “Getting lost is only way to find your own path.”

“These graphics are used to convey an abstract message, and they also want to emphasize the overloaded period in which we all are in—”Does it make sense?" I often ask myself. The overall trilogy was the result of my study in “sense-making” of life around me. Namely, we have TIME, SPACE, and the PATH OF LIFE. I think we all, at some point, are trying to find answers. If possibly there is an answer, I think the answer has the form of a question." – Marco Bagni

Time Illusion:

Chasing Space:

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