Melting Vases And Pixelated Stags Corrupt American History

<p>Chad Wys&#8217; <i>American Tapestry</i> reappropriates images from American history to create unsettling pictures.</p>

We’ve come across Chad Wys’ work before with his series Nocturne, which saw him take renaissance portraits and distort them until they became a succession of melting faces gazing out at you.

Similar in style and concept to this is his American Tapestry which uses “appropriated and original digital and mixed media images inspired by American history” to create images of melting vases and pixelated stags.

There’s something altogether unwholesome about the images but you can’t help staring at them, even though they’re unsettling. Maybe because the objects and images are captured either dissolving or corrupted in some way, caught somewhere between existing and being destroyed.

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